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Worker's Compensation Attorney of Wallingford CT - Deborah Dombek

Connecticut workers compensation laws can be complex. A worker who has suffered a back, shoulder, or knee injury, traumatic amputation of a body part, severe burn or electrical shock, or repetitive trauma can be forced into severe financial distress. The process in obtaining benefits can be confusing and stressful. Insurance companies and employers will take advantage of an injured worker by denying a legitimate claim for medical treatment, undervaluing a claim for lost wages, pressuring the worker to return to work prematurely, discouraging a worker from seeing a new doctor, or refusing to accept responsibility for a repetitive stress injury. As a rule, it is the employer’s insurance company’s policy to pay as little as possible to the injured worker. Often times, the worker is required to attend many informal and formal hearings just to get the benefits he or she is entitled to. In cases where the employer has no insurance, the rules are technical and the process can be extremely time-consuming.

Attorney Dombek represents workers of all professions, from the construction laborer to corporate executive. It is her job to assist you in the process and get you all of the benefits allowed under the workers compensation laws. That includes requesting and attending hearings before the Workers Compensation Commission, obtaining medical information, assuring medical providers are paid, obtaining lost wages, and negotiating a fair, just and reasonable settlement of your claim. She works on a contingency basis, so she is not paid unless you are paid. 

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